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What Happens When Spouses Share Ownership in a Business during a Louisville Divorce?

What happens when spouses share ownership in a business during a Louisville divorce?  Many spouses acquire or start a business together, each working hard to make that business profitable and successful.  What happens to a company owned by both spouses during a divorce in Kentucky?  The answer to this question will be based on the...

Develop a Plan for Your Divorce in Louisville

It is important to develop a plan for your divorce in Louisville or anywhere in the region.  Effective divorce planning should begin with thoughtful reflection, prioritization and a series of strategies with the specific purpose of accomplishing your objectives and goals for the divorce. Divorce can be a very emotional process, especially at the outset. ...

How Are Your Assets and Debts Divided in a Louisville Divorce?

How are your assets and debts divided in a Louisville divorce?  Here in Kentucky, our Family Courts will refer to this as the division of "marital property."  All marital assets, property and debts are to be divided equitably between the parties.  What does "equitably" mean in this context, and why is the division of marital...