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Divorce in Louisville and Jefferson County requires an experienced, proven family law attorney to serve as a guide and to protect your goals and interests.

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Preparing for a Contested Divorce in Louisville – Planning for SuccessMaking the decision to divorce usually comes after years of trying to make things work. By the time a couple decides to divorce it can be difficult to sort through the past and decide what steps to take next. At Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC we are experienced Louisville divorce attorneys with expertise in complex cases.  

We will make your case a priority so you’re your divorce case is as quick and as painless as possible. We will help you protect your rights while taking the steps to transition to a new life after divorce. We are legal counselors as well as aggressive advocates when necessary, providing guidance you can trust.

We are often asked: “How long will the divorce take?” and “How much is this going to cost?”

As one of the oldest law firms in the state of Kentucky, we can share one of the most important insights on the divorce process you are about to go through:

The cost of a divorce and the time it takes to complete your divorce are directly related to the amount of disagreement between the parties, and their ability to set aside emotion to work through the issues and decisions associated with their divorce. A divorce can be as quick as two weeks or can last two plus years depending on the level of disagreement and the issues in the case.

Uncontested Divorce

The fastest and least expensive path to a divorce is achieved when both spouses are willing to compromise and have an agreement as to how child custody and parenting time will be managed, the division of assets and debts and the amount of any spousal or child support going forward.

In these cases, known as an “uncontested divorce,” we will quickly draft the necessary forms so that your divorce case is over as soon as possible. We offer the benefit of our experience to resolve any remaining questions or challenges and create a settlement document that protects our clients while capturing the intent of the parties.

We cost-effectively help you to complete the uncontested divorce process while making sure all agreements are accurate, and properly completed and executed.

Contested Divorce

The Advantages of Mediation in a Louisville Divorce - Family LawyersThere are occasions where the parties may simply disagree as to what is fair from a property division point of view or in the best interest of their children. This “contested divorce” doesn’t have to result in expensive litigation. We are often able to recommend a solution based upon decades of experience that works for both parties. We represent our clients in alternatives to litigation such as mediation. We work to help keep costs down while reaching a resolution that reflects our client’s goals and objectives.

If your former spouse is argumentative, manipulative or simply takes a strong stance our seasoned Louisville divorce attorneys will stand up for you and aggressively protect your interests. Our long track record of success in these cases provides our clients with peace of mind as they work through their divorce.

Military Divorce Attorney LouisvilleThe divorce attorneys at Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC also have extensive experience with military divorce cases. When you or your spouse serve in the Army or any other branch of military service, the laws governing your divorce are much more complex than a those governed by Kentucky or Indiana civil law.

Our seasoned lawyers protect your interests through a military divorce including access to valuable military privileges, benefits and retirement division.

Divorce can be complex, involving your children, financial security and the separation of your family. Contact our Louisville, Kentucky, law firm to protect your rights while helping you through this difficult transition.

Protecting Your Rights and Your Children

Many people are not aware of another important insight regarding a divorce that involves children:

The “process” of your divorce including the tone of the conversation and your ability to work constructively through each challenge has a significant impact on your quality of life and the life of your child. It may surprise you to learn the Court is closely observing every word, communication and action of both parties in order to prepare for child custody and visitation issues.

Louisville divorce child custody attorneysIssues surrounding children often represent the biggest challenge during a divorce. The experienced divorce lawyers at Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC work to preserve a positive and constructive working atmosphere.

If you have children, you will often share the responsibility of raising and making important decisions regarding the welfare of that child with your former spouse. We understand the importance of providing sound counsel to make the process easier for you and to preserve or develop a working relationship with the other parent. This is in your own personal interest and will not only improve your peace of mind during the divorce, but the quality of your life after it is completed.

Need to Know about Child Custody and Parenting Time - LouisvilleIf you are facing a divorce with children, your priority is most likely protecting the well-being of your children, as well as securing your rights to custody or visitation. Will child support be required in your case, and how is that calculated?  What is a “parenting plan” and how can we work together to develop a solution that accomplishes your future parenting goals?

Our divorce attorneys will work with you and your family to devise an appropriate solution that accommodates both your children’s best interests and your rights. Kentucky and Indiana Courts are focused upon what is in the best interests of the child. A “parenting plan” is an agreement that lays out the schedule of time each child will spend with each parent. Visitation often referred to as “parenting time” should provide quality time with each parent in the eyes of Kentucky law, unless circumstances such as a history of domestic violence, addiction or issues such as criminal activity dictate otherwise.

Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC will always advocate first and foremost the best interest of the children and protect them when the other parent in your case intentionally or unintentionally acts against the children’s best interest.

We are experienced in handling divorce cases involving prenuptial and post-martial agreements as well as domestic violence.

The Division of Property and Your Rights

Allen McKee Dodd wrote the Classification and Division of Property section for the Kentucky Domestic Relations Practice 2nd edition published by the University of Kentucky Office of Continuing Legal Education.

Family Business in our Louisville DivorceAt the time of divorce, a contentious issue can be the division of property, especially if you and your spouse jointly own a business or one spouse worked outside of the home while the other spouse stayed at home to care for the children. In most cases, how an asset is titled has no effect on a divorce case.

Our firm is experienced in helping clients protect their rights in the division of assets including real estate, business assets, savings, retirement accounts and debt.

Identifying the Value of a Spouse's Business in a Louisville DivorceDivorce cases that involve business ownership or large investments or assets require significant legal experience and expertise. The “valuation” of a business interest is quite complex and our seasoned attorneys work to protect your interests while accomplishing your goals regarding the business or investment portfolio.

Not all assets have an equal “net value.” For example, money in a retirement account such as a 401k are pretax dollars and are not worth as much as the same amount of money in a house or a bank account as the monies in the retirement account are pretax and monies in a bank account or equity in a house normally are tax free.

Allen McKee Dodd has earned an LL. M., Master of Laws in taxation and can help our clients to navigate the complex tax issues associated with a divorce.  We work to ensure that all property and financial settlements reflect pre-tax and post-tax realities so that our clients receive the maximum benefit to which they are entitled by law.

Protecting Your Financial Security After a Divorce Settlement

Experienced Louisville Divorce AttorneyIn addition to the division of assets, you may also be concerned about your financial security. We are experienced in helping our clients collect child support and maintenance (also called spousal support or alimony) as well as defending clients and modifying unmanageable or unrealistic support obligations. If you are facing divorce and are concerned about financial security or your rights related to maintenance or child support, please contact us for a consultation.

Contact an Experienced Louisville Divorce Attorney

The quality of your Louisville divorce attorney will have a substantial impact on the time and cost associated with your divorce, as well as how quickly you can see your life moving forward.  You deserve to have access to the best possible lawyers and the advice and legal knowledge that can only be obtained through decades of experience.  We invite you to call us today at 502-584-1108 or contact Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC by e-mail for a consultation with an experienced Louisville, Kentucky, divorce lawyer.  Our attorneys work to protect your privacy, while accomplishing the goals and objectives that are most important to you.

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