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We invite you to review the testimonials of our clients:

Lora Nelson – 5/5 Stars

Allen McKee Dodd is an excellent, professional and reliable attorney who is dedicated, honest, and caring. I had met with other attorneys, when I knew that divorce was inevitable, who left me feeling helpless about what I wanted for my children and what I thought I deserved. When I finally met with Allen, I knew that he would be tenacious and battle for me in a divorce that was destined to become hostile. Allen exceeded my expectations. Allen stood up and fought for me every step of the way and he did it with confidence that only strengthened me. He always made himself available when I needed him, holidays included, and was able to explain any legal terms or processes that I was unsure about in a way that made it seem less stressful. Allen understands the emotional difficulty of divorce and always takes the time to listen and give positive and encouraging feedback. Allen is not only knowledgeable and in my opinion the best attorney in Louisville, he is very personable and approachable and has a good relationship with the courts as well as a strong professional network with other attorneys in the field.

I have recommended Allen McKee to my friends and recommend him to anyone who needs a family lawyer or are not getting the results they were expecting from a current lawyer. Allen is reliable and he gets things done.

Katrina Perkey – 5/5 stars

If you want the best family law attorney in Louisville Kentucky, then hire Allen McKee Dodd at Dodd & Dodd law firm. He is very knowledgeable and capable of handling the most complex cases. He is very thorough yet efficient. If I have any questions or concerns he always makes himself available. Most importantly, he always has my child’s best interest at heart. If you want top notch professional legal representation, then choose Allen.

Chris Bolen – 5/5 stars

My experience in Family Court with Dodd Attorneys, and Allen McKee Dodd was outstanding. Mr. Dodd is a true professional. He is always direct, well prepared, and courteous with an attention to detail. Mr. Dodd guided me through the legal process step by step, and truly focused on my children’s needs. The staff at Dodd Attorneys is professional, courteous, and always willing to assist whenever needed. Dodd Attorneys met and exceeded ALL my expectations!

Mark Wood – 5/5 stars

Allen Dodd represented me in a highly contentious divorce. He was excellent, a great and persistent advocate for my rights. Allen is personable, dedicated and diligent. He was instrumental in helping me to navigate this treacherous time and great to have is expert council through this extremely difficult period of my life. The entire law firm is first rate! I strongly recommend Dodd and Dodd.

Chad Duncan – 5/5 stars

Allen Dodd represented me during my divorce. He was completely understanding of the situation and extremely professional. If you are in need of legal services, I strongly recommend Allen!

Kelly Fleenor – 5/5 stars

Allen Mackee Dodd was awesome to work with. He returned emails, calls, and meeting requests within minutes. He was straight-forward and was an excellent communicator when I did not understand some of the legal divorce issues. Allen is patient and fair and I would recommend Dodd & Dodd to anyone needing legal representation in a divorce.

Barbara Dwyer – 5/5 stars

Our work with Allen McKee Dodd saved us mental and monetary anguish with his confident professionalism and ability to navigate emotional waters deftly. My husband and I were dealing with a custody issue from his first marriage which had taxed us mentally and financially for over a year. When we found Dodd and Dodd upon referral from a family counselor I can only tell you that my skepticism at the hourly rate disappeared when I realized that the hourly rate earned us top-notch service and a knowledge of our local legal system in nuances that ended up swinging our situation significantly. To this day I will tell people who tell me their divorce “won’t be a problem” or they “get along still” that it is better to just keep the emotion out and have an expert think of the things you are too emotionally challenged to deal with. Had we had Allen McKee Dodd from the get-go my husband and I know we would have had a far better outcome and the children would have been less stressed. In life the saying is you get what you pay for and in our experience it was absolutely the truth. Allen cares and genuinely goes after what is right in the interest of his client(s) and/or their child or children.

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