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When Should You Consider a Restraining Order in Louisville?

When Should You Consider a Restraining Order in Louisville - Family Law

When should you consider a restraining order in Louisville?  What types of protection does the law provide when the actions of one person place another at risk?  Restraining orders can unfortunately become part of the process of a divorce.  What do you need to know?

A restraining order is also often referred to as a protective order issued by the Court to protect a person, entity, place or object in the presence of harassment or potentially violent behavior.  A person under a restraining order may not own, possess or purchase a gun.  Restraining orders can cost a person their job or the opportunity to get a job.

Violation of a restraining order carries serious consequences including jail time, stiff fines or both.

What are some of the most common reasons when you should consider a restraining order in Louisville?

Physical and/or emotional abuse – usually associated with domestic violence these issues are the most common reason for restraining orders in Louisville.

Physical or Sexual assault

Destruction of property – if a person is violent enough to damage or destroy property during an argument one should consider a restraining order

Stalking / Harassment – Stalkers may be present without your knowledge but by the time you become aware of them the level of potential danger can warrant a restraining order.  Harassment usually involves a person outside of your household who is making threats or taking harmful or substantially disturbing actions.

You should consider a restraining order in Louisville if you fear for the safety of you, your children, those you live with or your personal, residential or professional property.  Learn more about the protections of a restraining order and how the experienced and proven divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd can help to protect you and those you love.

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